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Technofin™ CPG-009-5, CPG-009, CPG-008, CPG-007 and CPG-004 white masterbatches are made of high-quality titanium dioxide (contents – from 40 to 70%, see table) and high-MFR grades of LLDPE and LDPE. Masterbatches CPG-007 and CPG-004 also include micronized hydrophobic calcite (calcium carbonate) which promotes anti-block properties, faster cooling and lower transparency of manufactured items, providing a considerable economy to our customers.

Recommended dosage ranges from 1,0% to 10%. Most typical applications include thin packing LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE films, milk packaging and laminated films. Lubrication and processing additives and colour-adjusting pigments can be incorporated on customer’s request. These masterbatches can be used for injection, blow molded and extruded LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP items like films, pipes and sheets. All masterbatches have food contact approvals. Detailed technical specifications are issued for every masterbatch.

Issues of equipment wear due to mineral fillers load.
Many years of research and production experience of our specialists have proven that no considerable increase of barrel and screw wear occurs while using less than 10% of filler load. High-MFI PE grades, used as polymer matrix of our filled masterbatches, provide even better equipment wear performance. The most dangerous situation for the wear-proof layer of screw and barrel happens when they come into an immediate contact. Such “scuffing” may take place only when equipment operation procedures are violated.

Technofin™ CPG-004-PS white masterbatch contains titanium dioxide (60%) and micronized hydrophobic calcite (calcium carbonate) of a high purity. The latter acts as anti-blocking agent and helps ensure faster cooling, increase opaqueness and lower production costs.