About company

The "Technocom" company has been successfully working on the Ukrainian market since 1994 and nowadays holds a leading position in the development and production of colour masterbatches (concentrates), additives and calcium carbonate. In 2010 an export program had been started. Our company has gained a reputation of a reliable business partner due to the high quality of our products and effective customer technical support, as well as flexible pricing and payment terms. We give a particular attention to the development of economy-class products with an optimal price-quality ratio.

Today more than 500 companies in the countries of EU, Eastern Europe and Asia: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Ukraine.



For the production of our masterbatches we use components supplied by leading manufacturers, normally having necessary food contact approvals. Our technical staff monitors inbound materials and outbound product quality focusing on such key features as humidity, MFI, density, termostability, colour parameters ∆E and ∆L in CieLab system, the dispersion of pigments degree in the polymer FPV matrix (filter test), etc. using up-to-date lab equipment, which allows to obtain samples of blow films, profiles, injection moulding parts, modeling and controlling the impact of masterbatches and other additives on the respective customer applications.

All of our products are fabricated according to the registered technical and quality specifications. Calcium carbonate-based masterbatches are manufactured under the "Credolen"® trade mark; additives masterbatches – under "Additech"® trade mark; colour, white and black masterbatches – under "Technofin" ™ trade mark; talc-filled masterbatches – under "Talcolen" ™ trade mark. The majority of our products have necessary approvals from the Ministry of Health, required for food contact and toy applications. Integrated quality control system ISO 9001, certificate № UA 226715 from 31 October 2011.


The main equipment, used for the masterbatches manufacturing are modern twin-screw palletizing lines with 20-90 mm screw diameter, L/D=48, which allow production order capacity from several kilos to tens of tons. Our overall production capacity is about 10000 MT per year.